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Solutions that both meet your communication goals and set new trends in the advertising industry.
We are experienced in sponsorship and branding globally and locally.
You will get an access to the Media Alliance’s portfolio channels


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Traditional advertising

Internationally known channels and premium thematic content draw in loyal and active viewers providing effective communication between the brand and the audience. National Advertising Alliance is our exclusive partner in selling traditional ads in Russia

Sponsorship advertising

Helps to build a strong emotional bond with the audience and to achieve the brand’s communication goals by creating a message and supporting it with the help of on-air events on any of our channels

Out-of-the-box solutions

Looking for out-of-the-box solutions? A content partnership helps to develop a long-term communication strategy, to create a link with the channel’s content and to get the loyal audience

Digital advertising

Online and mobile ads are an additional option to interact with the audience. Websites like and, as well as mobile apps enable people to communicate with the brand anytime, anywhere. Our exclusive partner in selling ads on is Amarena Group

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