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Eurosport unites sports fans across the globe. Eurosport broadcasts must-see premium events such as tennis tournaments, major international cycling tours, skiing competitions, football, athletic championships and snooker. Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2 and Eurosport 4К are the 24/7 channels reporting the latest sports news from around the globe. offers a wide range of additional content (blog posts, social media, partner websites) and features photos, powerful videos, tweets and data to provide viewers with an enriched sport experience

Source: Mediascope, October 2017
Source: Mediascope, October 2017
Source:, October 2017
Our values
Eurosport to connect fans and athletes around the sports they love. Eurosport tells great sports stories of human perseverance, achievement and inspiration told by the best experts. We immerse viewers and feed their passion with memorable experiences in a bigger and more innovative way

Eurosport unites sport fans and engages them to share their passion

Eurosport it is the premium must-see content available across multiple mobile platforms