20 February 2017 года

Media Alliance supports social advertising 

Media Alliance handed out awards for best social advertising at IAF Red Apple – free airtime for award-winning videos on its flagship channels 

Media Alliance, one of the largest media corporations operating in the pay-TV segment in Russia, has become a partner of the 26th International Advertising Festival (IAF) Red Apple. In the summer of 2016 Media Alliance created Special Award for Best Social Advertising the winners then received at the closing ceremony on February 17.  Two entries were given an award – interactive video Ezhiki (‘Hedgehogs’) encouraging to save power, and video Lobster (‘Lobster’) promoting the crisis center for teens. These ads can now be seen by nearly 60 million viewers in 1,100 cities and towns across Russia on Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and TLC. 

Media Alliance programming often draw attention to important social issues. The scope of these issues is very wide, so contestants had a carte blanche – the only requirement for their entries was to stay true to the identity of any of the four channels: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC or Eurosport 1. Therefore, interactive video Ezhiki (‘Hedgehogs’) will air on Animal Planet: it encourages saving power, thus caring for the environment. Lobster (‘Lobster’) where a schoolboy bullied by his classmates sees himself as an ugly lobster is scheduled to air on two channels: Discovery Channel and TLC.

Media Alliance CEO Grigory Lavrov: ‘It was very hard to choose the best video ads, so we first and foremost relied on the effect they had on the audience – thus, it was vital for those to hit their target audience and be true to any given channel’s identity. We offer our sincerest greetings to the winners – their ads will be seen by millions of viewers, and important social issues will be made public across the country