21 September 2016 года

Media Alliance’s New Office Designed by Famous Architect Fyodor Rashchevsky

September 21, 2016, Moscow. Media Alliance, one of major media corporations operating on the Russian pay-TV market and managing Discovery Channel, Eurosport, TLC, Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CNN and other brands, has moved to a new office in Stanislavsky Factory Business Centre. Senior architect on that office project inspired by industrial and romantic style was Fyodor Rashchevsky, founder of the architect and design firm OFFCON, who once created interior design for numerous widely-known companies, in particular Google, Booking.Com and Kaspersky Lab. Evgeny Kovpak was Leading Architect on that project and co-creator in his own right.

The dominant feature of Media Alliance’s new office is that it is highly functional and utilitarian: two floors accommodate over 120 workplaces, several conference rooms, cloakrooms, server rooms, cosy lounge area, coffee area and cafeteria. Fyodor Rashchevsky describes the central idea behind this design as ‘manifestation of bravery, passion for adventure and wildlife, romantic spirit, longing for freedom and self-expression.’ According to the architect, it was Media Alliance’s impressive portfolio of world-renowned brands – Discovery Channel, TLC, ID Xtra, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, DTX, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2, Eurosportnews, Cartoon Networks, Boomerang and CNN – that inspired him to create that ultramodern, comfortable, design with every centimetre of space put to use. 

“Pushing your own limits and external boundaries, team spirit – these are ideas that we associate with Media Alliance’s channels one way or the other. As we created interior design, we tried to strike the right balance between brutality and homeliness, industrial and artisanal, Hi-tech and Low-tech,’ says Fyodor Rashchevsky. ‘We believe that any modern office is an open landscape, where every function should have its place, yet the most important thing is not to hedge in areas, where people can socialize and create. Any environment should give an opportunity to make it one’s own, to personalize it, there should be pauses in ‘total design.’ We hope that Media Alliance’s office will be filled with artefacts from all over the world, ones sport- or adventure-related – this will be perfectly in tune with our concept, and will be a beautiful way for the company’s employees to dot the i’s.’

‘Changes always inspire new accomplishments, teach us to think outside the box and find unorthodox ways of bringing one’s ideas to life, especially when it comes to things around us,’ says Grigory Lavrov, General Director at Media Alliance. ‘I think that OFFCON architects got to the very core of our company’s character, and translated it into interior design so expertly that while sitting in this new office you do want to reach new heights together and work on big ideas. I believe that this is what architecture and design are all about– inspiring discoveries.’