18 October 2016 года


Discovery Channel’s locally produced TV series Technogenics received an award at the 7th International tourism film festival ‘RENDEZVOUS WITH RUSSIA’ – its episode ‘Cosmonaut Training Centre’ won in the category ‘The Glory of Greater Moscow Area.’ This time the organizing committee entrusted the strictest and totally incorruptible jury with a verdict – the series was awarded top honours by the audience.

Technogenics, a TV series that focuses on landmark engineering structures created in Russia and the USSR, has been produced in association with Nissan. Season 1 of the series was presented to Discovery Channel’s audience in February 2016. All the episodes were highly rated – the viewers enjoyed stories about Russia’s engineering wonders. The winning episode focuses on the Cosmonaut Training Centre that is now located at Shchyolkovo and is named after Yury Gagarin. This is where the first cosmonaut trained for his epoch-making flight. Season 2 of Technogenics debuted in October 2016.

The international tourism film festival ‘RENDEZVOUS WITH RUSSIA’ is organized by the non-profit partnership for Promotion of Film Industry and Tourism in association with the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation and the Association of Russian Filmmakers. The festival is open to Russian and foreign production studios, television companies and independent producers. The goal of this project is to promote Russia’s tourism potential locally and worldwide, and build Russia’s image as a country congenial to tourism and recreation.